Why Detail?

The obvious answer is to protect your investment. With car payments easily exceeding $400 per month it would be in your best interest to protect your investment. 30% or more of a vehicles value is based off its appearance. Detailing is a service that requires alot of trial and error. As well as research and training. A high quality detailer like Precision has years of experience and thousands of hours of research. Time is money, so leave it to the professionals at Precision to make sure your car is taken care of at the highest level. 

Why Choose Precision?

Precision is different in many ways. We offer a vast amount of services that others don't. Our greatest difference is that when you come to precision the ONLY people working on your vehicle are trained professionals. We do not have any additional employees moving or washing our customers vehicles. We are obsessed with cars and take trust very serious when it comes to customers vehicles. They are also very skilled mechanics who have built cars from the ground up, complete routine maintenance, engine/drivetrain swaps, and all of their own performance modifications. This means Precision knows your car inside and out, and we are always will to chat about your vehicle in regards to maintenance, tuning, diagnosis, or feedback regarding your plans for the vehicle. The all or nothing attitude is something we simply don't believe in. We understand you may keep your interior immaculate or that your not concerned with the exterior, and we get that. We are always flexible and willing to work with our customers to make sure they get EXACTLY what they want and we try our best to exceed those expectations. 

Is Ceramic Forever

No, nothing is. We are honest with our customers which is why they always come back. If there is a new product or service we will not offer it or perform it until it has been thoroughly tested and researched. Ceramic is like nothing else though, the amount of gloss and protection can not be achieved by any other product. If you want to be noticed or stand out ceramic is the best for making your cars paint pop!

How Can I Prevent Scratches

Proper care and technique is key to preventing scratches. Two bucket method with grit guards and a ph balanced soap it a good start. High end microfiber or 100% cotton cloths for washing a vehicle with soap and foam cannon. Then proper drying techniques with sheeting, air, and waffle weave microfiber are probably the most significant step. Drying a vehicle improperly leads to most scratches. Stop using quick detailer on a dusty or dry vehicle, when you do this you are literally rubbing dirt and contaminants into your paint. Any other questions, just ask!

What is a Detail?

This can be answered simply by saying what a detail is not:

A detail is not a car wash, detailers will obviously wash your car, but this process would not be considered "detailing your vehicle"

A detail is a process of refurbishing/maintaining a vehicles' appearance/condition through advanced researched based techniques.  

Will Precision use my products ?

We typically do not like to use anything but what we know works. If we felt there was a better product for a certain process, we would use it. Most of the products we use are NOT readily available to the public (most are dealer or professional use only) so chances are the product you have is inferior to what we currently use. Now if you have purchased a limited edition carnuba wax like Chemical Guy Project 97 Wax ($900 retail price) we would be happy to finish your vehicle off with such a luxurious product.